He goes by the name Fossil Fool. But Paul Freedman is nobody’s fool. He’s a rapper, an inventor and an educator. And he’s on a mission to spread the word -- about biking that is. He does this in a number of ways – the most visible involves embodying his alter ego, “Fossil Fool, the Bike Rapper”. Fossil Fool rides around on El Arbor, a 15 foot Tree that is also a bicycle, as he performs original rap music about bike culture. Beat Pedaler is an in-depth exploration of Freedman’s passion for bike culture, and his motivation for calling it from the mountaintops. Freedman envisions a world where “bikes are cool and cars are lame”, where everyone has discovered that shedding the protection of cars allows them to become more connected to their local communities. Getting people out of their cars has another benefit for a nation dependent on petroleum. Fossil Fool believes that creating community by celebrating bike culture will fuel a shift in attitudes and behaviors that just might save the planet.

Beat Pedaler is a 30 minute radio documentary.

A broadcast quality of Beat Pedaler can be found on Public Radio Exchange (PRX), HERE.

“Beat Pedaler” 
TRT: 30:00

Recorded, Edited, Written and Produced by Vanessa Lowe

Final Mix by Kent Sparling at cavemaps, Berkeley, CA

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Beat Pedaler was featured on PRX (Public Radio Exchange) and included in their curated playlists for National Bike Month in May, 2013 and May, 2014.

Public radio stations that played Beat Pedaler - 

WLPR Lowell, Indiana

KGLP Gallup, New Mexico

KUT Austin, Texas

WSLR Sarasota, Florida

KALW San Francisco, California

KLCC Eugen, Oregon

KWMR West Marin, California

KPFA Berkeley, California

KFOK-LP Georgetown, California

KVSC Saint Cloud, Minnesota

KGNU Denver/Boulder/Nederland, Colorado