Credits:    Polaroid SX-70 advertisement courtesy of The Eames Office, LLC. Concluding statement by Philip Morrison. Music Director and Composer Elmer Bernstein. Copyright Eames Office, LLC (  "Look at this Instagram" (a Nickelback parody) courtesy of

Online storytelling project courtesy of Cowbird

With gratitude to the artists for use of their music:

Call and Response - Lightbulb, Nightflight, Rollerskate, Colors, and Blowin' Bubbles

Bart Davenport- Terri's Song and Beg, Steal, Borrow

Austin Willacy - Where Were You?

Alexis Harte - We Fall Out

Kent Sparling - Taiga, No Decision, You Can Take Your Hat Off, Held Under, A Quiet Good Humored Delight

Vanessa Lowe - All Those Stars (instrumental)

Dogpatch - I Left My Heart in San Francisco (cover)

Special thanks to Claire Schoen and Dmae Roberts for editorial consulting

Roger Linn, voice of Edwin Land

Additional mixing: Kent Sparling